Patrick Curry at the Austin Forum

Virtual Reality in Austin: A New Generation of Gaming and Beyond

Posted November, 2016


In September of 2016 I spoke at the Austin Forum, a community gathering that brings together technology leaders, advocates, and the public to learn about important technology topics. When the question of what to talk about came up, there was only one answer: virtual reality.

Here's a video of the talk I gave, which includes my origins into VR, why I'm so excited about its potential, and what I think the next few years of VR will look like, both in Austin and for the world at large. I hope you enjoy it!



I've since left Unity, but continue to be a huge fan of the people there and the technology they're making. I'm now working with a number of companies in VR, and I'm dedicated to making the VR industry as inclusive and diverse as possible. Everyone is welcome. Anything is possible.

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