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52 Game Ideas

Every week in 2006 I posted a new original game idea on this website. If you like, you can read all about the challenge I issued myself. By the end of the year it was quite cumbersome to sift through the site to find them all. So here are all 52 game ideas in one easy to browse list!

1. Toothache
2. It’s All Business
3. Mountain Bike Mike
4. Blast Moves
5. Pack Rat
6. Freelance Foto
7. Oval Office
8. Work of Art
9. Snow Day
10. Project Luna
11. Blackout
12. Family Album
13. Oceanopolis
14. Soapbox Grand Prix
15. Loup-Garou
16. On the Road Again
17. Miracle of Life
18. Go Nuts!
19. Salon
20. Family Restaurant
21. Face Your Fear
22. Haunted Hotel
23. Puppet Show
24. Audio Trip
25. Grand Canyon
26. My Librarian’s a Witch!
27. Sandcastle Creator
28. Game Designer Trivia
29. Bike Messenger Mike
30. The Nutcracker
31. Homecoming
32. Berlin
33. Let’s Go Camping
34. Gunslinger
35. Museum Madness
36. Birthday Party!
37. Firefight
38. Green Thumb Gardening
39. Alphabet Detectives
40. Apothecaries Guild
41. Air Traffic Jam
42. Newshound
43. Snapshot Shootout
44. Stone Roller
45. Angry Villagers
46. Cave In
47. Maid to Order
48. Turkey Trouble
49. The Confidence Game
50. Blast Moves 2
51. Bodyguard
52. Swordplay

If you'd like to learn more about the methodology I used to write these ideas, check out my GDC talk titled "Brainstorming in Public".

Want ideas for your next project or game jam? Check out these project ideas.

Still need more inspiration? Read 400+ amazing game ideas by Saam Pahlavan.

Some of these ideas have since come to life, either by my doing or others. For example, I got to explore a bunch of the ideas in #25 Grand Canyon making virtual reality tour of historical sites! Check out MasterWorks for various VR platforms.

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